Thursday, August 03, 2006

Being a Good Recruit

Being a Good Recruit by "Flawed Design"
Having dealt with the the Canadian Forces recruiting myself recently as well as play babysitter for a bunch of guys trying to become recruits I thought I would post tips on. (Mostly aimed at reserves though might apply to the regular force). I think itmight help you get in the CF and if not then it's still post count +1 for me.

Your going to deal with it the rest of your Canadian Forces career. You can't run from it. (pun intended). Don't pass off 19 push up's as easy to do because you did it back in grade 9 and not practice. I just saw a potential recruit, who said they could do 9 push ups (what she needed to do to pass) fail and possibly lose all chance of employment this summer because she couldn't do the last push up. She did 9 all right however 3 of those didn't count because she did them poorly (not to standard) and had to do more, she did two more and couldn't do the last one. Failed the PT test and went home. She did really well with her CFAT, interview, medical. One push up sent her home.
If you need to do 19 push ups, do 29 or 30. If you need to run 2.4 kilometers in 12 minutes, do it in 11. The recruiting center have some pretty great people but they have a standard to follow and they do follow it. A few seconds will mean the difference on wether you become a recruit or not. If your doing a PT test bring GYM CLOTHES. Don't try to run in casual shoes with jeans or baggy work pants. Stop being an oddball and bring a pair of shorts, t-shirt and running shoes to your test. If you want to join the army you better get used to it. You can't run PT on course with jeans or work pants.

CFAT -Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (right?)
People think they would breeze past this. The guys with me heard how much of a joke it was. Too easy. Right after the test everyone was worried about how they did. The test was a lot harder than they expected. A few of them really thought they bombed it and failed. 2 out of them did. Some of the rest qualified for a bunch of trades and some qualified for about 5 or 6, meaning they barely "passed" the test.
The math is going to be math you haven't seen since highschool (or never paid attention to in school). Theres going to be words you've never heard of. Lots of tricky questions that will have you answering one way and when you re-read the question, answering another.
Theres a few threads on this forum about how to prepare for the CFAT. There's also sites you can search for on the internet that will give you examples of the questions you'll face on aptitude tests and ways to improve your chances of passing. Take the 20 minutes to look it up. It might be the difference between passing and failing.

I can't offer too much insight here. Your going to a job interview. I wore a suit and tie. I was probably a little over dressed but I've only wore my suit at funerals so i figured it could use some change in environment. Don't overdress but don't be afraid to look good. Showing up with greasy hair that doesn't look washed in a week, riped and torn jeans, a t-shirt saying frig the system - doesn't seem smart to me. No one cares how rebellious you are or your badass look. Guys wearing black nail polish and black eye liner make up? Really clever.
If *I* was giving an interview and the guy looked like he just walked in off the street, he would be at a big disadvantage and really have to sell himself. Practice your interview. Have your parents, a teacher or a friend give you an interview. Sounds a little stupid and awkward, yes. Might be the difference between wearing combat boots and a camouflage uniform and wearing brown pants and white shirt at Tim Horton's this summer.

Recruiters see a lot of people. Asking the same questions day after day giving the same answers. Sometimes they screw up.
Don't be annoying and call them every day but don't just trust everything to fall in place for you. Give the recruiter a call now and then to see where your paper work is. Sometimes they need a subtle push or reminder to do something.
Some people seem to slide right through the recruiting process and get in no problems. Others have to fight every step of the way. It's just how it works. The more effort you put into getting in the higher chance you'll be accepted.
With the recruiter, make yourself stand out to them so they remember your name and face. When your at the armories talking to them ask them questions. Don't be intrusive but don't be afraid to ask them things like how long have they been in the army, how long have they been recruiting soldiers. If they got a lot of recruits that year. Give them a chance to answer some questions not related to you and how long it will take you to join the army. It really helps break up a tedious job.
If theres only one position and two people who want it the recruiter might put in the person they 'know' (have seen more, seemed more interested in getting in the CF) than someone who hardly stood out in the crowd.

Being an *******
Especially at the recruiting center.
Don't walk around the recruiting center like it's your highschool. Don't go out to McDonald's for lunch and leave your garbage all over the waiting room (OR in the vehicle that brought you up there). Don't piss around with the computers there while your waiting and don't crank the TV up full blast because theres a music video on it that you like. Don't screw around with the gym equipment where you do your PT test. Don't brag. No one cares how many push ups on your face you did last week or how fast you can run up hill with backpacks.
Being nervous is natural. Don't turn that nervousness into assholeness.
Guys, ever seen a girl? Most act like they haven't.
If your SO infactuated with the female applicant who is traveling to the recruiting center with you that you;
a. ignored the soldier driving you up while he was trying to give you advice on what to expect because you were too busy turned around flirting
b. were constantly having to be tracked down by the recruiters for your interview, medical, questions - because you were following that girl around like a puppy.
c. have to have the recruiter ask you something 3 times to get your attention.


The Canadian Forces isn't a dating service and you've already proved what's more important to you. Your a waste of a student position.
You'll be the kind of soldier that comes up with a bullshit excuse to leave summer training and go home because he's having a fight with his girlfriend. You also look like a dummy and people laugh at you.

In the army taking 5 minutes to shine your combat boots might mean the difference between passing an inspection and doing hours of inspection's drill and basically, shitty work.
Taking one minute to check over your gear may be the difference between wether or not your whole course gets the week-end off.
It all starts with recruiting to the CF.
Take the few extra minutes to do push ups, research things on the net, ask the recruiter questions. Take a few minutes to make sure your application is good and there's no problems.
A few minutes means passing inspections. It also means getting into the army in the first place.


At 6:40 PM, Blogger Dawnie said...

Greaat advice!
I've already done a great deal of research, but nothing has been as frank and straight forward as your advice. I think it's great! And congratulations on completing your first blog. You are one step ahead of me! I'm curious though, as to how you went about training for your physical? I'm having trouble with the push-ups. Any advice on how to build up my upper body strength. I'm practicing and going to the gym, but I just can't seem to make 9 with proper form. I've only been strength training for less than a month now, but I'd really like to start seing a major improvement and soon. I'd appreciate it if you could help!

At 5:09 PM, Blogger Jonathan said...

Thanks for the advice. I'm going for the interview Tuesday and so I thought I would check for any available information about it. If you can post any more information, that would be great for people who would like to join.

At 5:32 PM, Blogger Shawn said...

Nice Advice :)
I'm going for an aptitude test this month coming up.

The information you provided helped inform me of how to act and what to expect.


At 6:58 PM, Blogger TomoToshi said...

Anyone can tell me what I should prepare after I passed the aptitude Test?

I was told to wait for their call in 6 weeks, now I am in the 5th week.

At 4:19 PM, Blogger erinpatricia27 said...

For those who are looking for more help in preparing for the interview, if you simply google "Canadian Forces Interview" the Canadian Forces have an interview preparation file for you. Here is the link.

At 6:39 PM, Blogger Waveboom said...

it's very nice to have this blog!

At 12:57 PM, Blogger fally said...

I'm in the beginning stages of all this stuff, thought I am just looking into the Reserves. I have done a ton of research and reading as well as talking to people in the military, besides recruiters. It's very intimidating but it is still exciting. I have a meeting with the recruitment office tonight. Thank you for this blog post, it's real.

At 1:08 PM, Blogger rydstrom_wodede said...

This was very informitave! When I go today to the recruitment office, I'm going to have less questions to ask XP

At 12:43 AM, Blogger Grayson said...

thanks for the advice this is my second time applying so im pretty nervous the first time i was rejected because i openly admitted i smoked some pot honesty is the best policy im in great shape and pretty sharp too 4 years later im trying again this time drug free and alot more ripped lol hopefully i got the right shit :)

At 10:05 PM, Blogger Leo Zhao said...

Those are so helpful,thank you. I am in grade 12 high school now, and I really want to do something different than others. I am going into college, and I am going to the army right after that!!!

At 2:52 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

This blog is very helpfull for those who wants to join the canadian defence keep posting the info on this blog as i want to join the army too an want to serve the nation....we are proud of the canadian army and defense forces....

At 12:22 AM, Blogger Ali Kaiss said...

Hey can any buddy help me i was wondering on how long foes it take till you in for sure like from the beging from when you first gave you app..

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At 3:51 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

Hey im pretty much freaking out! I have my Aptitude test tomorrow and I'm terrified i'll fail. ive been looking over old math from highschool but do you have anymore advice that might possibly help? i would really appreciate it thank you

At 3:36 AM, Blogger eye-jeff-yala-joe-cool said...

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At 7:19 PM, Blogger Lisa Montsion said...

Your advise was super helpful.


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At 6:13 PM, Blogger Justin Johnson said...

thank you for the advise. i sent in my application and have been calling up the recruiter weekly just to check up. ive done this for 5 months now. if anyone whos already been acsepted please contact me at thanks eh.


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